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With Garlic Pepper Sauce (4 Fl Oz)
With Garlic Pepper Sauce (4 Fl Oz)




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A Big Dir

My quest for  Vegan cheese making began when I did some research about arthritis and discovered that dairy products worsen your arthritic pain and inflammation of your joints.


After reducing my dairy intake my knees felt substanially better. How was I  to get along without my favorite cheeses




I thought well I would learn to make and love Vegan Cheese. I did some research. I found that there were some strange ingredients used to make vegan cheese. The list of ingredients included  Tapioca Flour , bacteria cultures, thickening agar flakes, vegetable glycertin, nuts, and some garlic pepper sauce to give some extra flavor .


I had to get a blender and mix up all these ingredients and let if ferment. Maybe next year I will get brave enought to try making my own vegan cheese. I think that try some different varieties first and see if even like the Vegan Cheese .